What We Do

Legal Status, Offices, and Staffing

IMC was registered in 2008 with the U.K. Charity Commission. IMC has offices in London and Yangon, Myanmar. Its three full-time staff are all based in Yangon. IMC has received a U.S. Treasury license allowing it to raise funds from U.S. donors to finance conservation projects in Myanmar.


Our mission is to prevent the extinction of the Indo-Myanmar Hotspot’s globally threatened wildlife through the design and implementation of community-based conservation projects and to contribute to the active participation of civil society in biodiversity conservation.

Practical Considerations

IMC provides technical and financial assistance to communities living close to important wildlife populations. Our staff have collectively over 40 years working for the Forest Department’s Nature & Wildlife Conservation Division (NWCD) and enjoy good relations with government, which is essential for securing approval for field projects. Although the bulk of support goes toward strengthening the capacity of local and indigenous communities to participate in wildlife protection, we recognize that lasting conservation requires the cooperation of NWCD staff.

We therefore need to channel resources to communities best positioned to act to protect endangered wildlife, build bridges between NWCD, local authorities, and local communities, and promote more sustainable livelihood and development alternatives. Despite the challenges, we believe that an appropriate course of action can be charted and that it is appropriate for us to work in Myanmar.