Community meetings at Indawgyi Lake support conservation efforts for the Fishing Free Zones

From the 2nd to 6th of February 2013, Indo-Myanmar Conservation (IMC) held community meetings in villages around their project site at Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary (ILWS) in Kachin State, North Myanmar, to discuss important issues concerning the Fishing Free Zones (FFZ) that were established in Indawgyi Lake by IMC and the local fishing communities of the area.

So far, IMC and the fishing communities of Indawgyi Lake have established seven FFZs, each being managed by a Fishery Development Committee (FDC) which is comprised of local fishermen. Each FDC has a chairman who was elected by the people from the village and who his responsible for all matters concerning the FFZ, especially the compliance of the local fishermen to refrain from fishing in the FFZs and to use traditional fishing practices instead of electric fishing devices. The FFZs were established in areas where fishermen reported breeding and spawning grounds of fish are close together.

Meetings were held in seven villages (Nyaung-bin, Le-pone, Ma-mon-kine, Nant-mauk-kan, Lone-sant, He-par, and He-pu) around the lake with 203 local people attending. The objective during the meetings was to discuss how the FDC will continue to manage the FFZs and encourage community participation in the villages. In the meeting the FDC voiced their concerns about other fishermen from Mandalay, Central Myanmar, that were illegally moving to the Indawgyi area and using harmful fishing practices. Seme local communities asked for more support of the ILWS staff in order to patrol the boundaries of the FFZs.

IMC organises community meetings like this to empower the local communities around Indawgyi Lake to self-manage the FFZs for a sustainable development of the conservation program.


Press release by Khine Khine Swe


Above: Community meeting at Nyaungbin village discussing issues concerning the FFZs in Indawgyi Lake
Photo: Khine Khine Swe

Above: Setting up the FFZ boundary by using water buoys.
Photo: Khine Khine Swe


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We would like to thank the European Union fund for supporting this project.

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