School programme increases awareness for conservation
in fishing-free-zones at Inle lake, Myanmar

On the 3rd of January 2013 Friends of Wildlife (FOW) a local non-governmental organisation in Myanmar, closely working together with Indo-Myanmar Conservation (IMC) carried out a school program for children of villages around Inle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary (INWS) as part conservation efforts at this wetland conservation site.

All 80 BEHS (Basic Education High School) students from ThaleOo village, Minchaung village and of the Nyaung Shwe town participated in the day long programme. FOW Project officer Mr Nay Myo Shwe and ILWS staff taught classroom presentations about species occurring in the lake, the migration routes of local birds and their ecology and why the Inle Lake Wildlife sanctuary is important for wetland conservation. The children also learned about the environmental benefits that wetlands provide to humans, like water purification, and represent important habitat for fish and wildlife, including endangered species. After the classroom presentations students enjoyed participating in a bird watching practical and found it exciting to learn how to test water quality by using pH test strips first in a practical and afterwards testing the pH level of the lake itself. The FOW established the Nature Youth Group in schools near the sanctuary with the goal of teaching kids about the importance of Inle and the need for sustainable use.

Press release by Nay Myo Shwe (Project Officer, Friends of Wildlife/ Indo Myanmar Conservation)


Above: The highschool students enjoyed a bird watching pratical during the day school programme.
Photo: Nay Myo Shwe


Above: The students also practiced measuring water quality and its pH level at the Inle Wildlife Sanctuary.
Photo by: Nay Myo Shwe (FOW)

About the project ‘Inle lake Wildlife Sanctuary'

The Inle lake Wildlife Sanctuary project was established in July 2012 by the Friends of Wildlife, a local NGO in Myanmar working closely together with Indo-Myanmar Conservation (IMC). The main objective of the project is to carry out conservation activities at the Inle Lake and to ensure its sustainability in terms of biodiversity and ecological processes. FOW also introduced sustainable fishing practices to the local communities around Inle Lake, established a fishing-free zone within the lake and encourages locals to keep the lake clean and healthy. This conservation and rehabilitation project is led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Thank you

FOW would like to thank the Department of Fishery from N yaung Shwe Township, Inle Lake Widllfie Sanctuary staff and local authorities for the FFZs program.

FOW would also like to thank the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nation Development Program- UNDP Myanmar for funding this conservation activity.

For more information about the INLE Lake conservation project or Indo-Myanmar Conservation please contact

Mr. Nay Myo Shwe – Indo-Myanmar Conservation (IMC)

No. 13, Building 22, Shwe-ohn-pin Housing, Yankin, Yangon